Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello! My name is Carmina Giezzelle G. Mones. If you have been searching for my old posts or you have been my friend at Multiply, which is long gone now, and you would like to still get in touch with me, I have moved on to a new site and deleted all posts in here. Para hindi magulo at pag feeling ta-artits ako at Ginoogle ko ang pangalan ko e ang daming lumalabas Read more of me here: I promise this one's better, because I'm wiser and better, and on a new level of bitch. Chos. I have collated and is still collating and posting all my blogs from past to present and I mean from Friendster blogs back when I was a freshman in college up until now that I am on my fourth job (the longest I've been, yay me!) Haha! Sorry, I'm neck deep into work and re-posting old posts is a little bit tedious for me. Anyway, that's about it. Here are my other SNS, not that it matters: Facebook: Twitter: @carminarants See you there! Leave a comment, follow or add me up! hashtag feeling artista.